“The 8 Show” Director Reveals Thoughts On Ryu Jun-yeol’s Dating Scandal, “He Did Not Commit A Crime”

Director Han Jae-rim of “The 8 Show” expressed his feelings about the private life controversy of the lead actor Ryu Jun-yeol

Han Jae-rim met with reporters at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of May 22nd and talked about Netflix’s new original series “The 8 Show”, which is gaining keen attention from global viewers after its premiere on May 17th.

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Contrary to the director’s intention of introducing an interesting story, the drama aroused keen interest as the main character actor Ryu Jun-yeol was embroiled in a controversy over his romantic relationship with ex-girlfriends Lee Hye-ri and Han So-hee.

In this regard, director Han refused to comment by saying, “To be honest, I only paid attention to the work and had no interest in the actor’s private life”. He emphasized, “I will only care about him if he commits a crime. Therefore, I tried not to focus on it knowing it’s his private life issue”.

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Coincidentally, director Han Jae-rim also offered Ryu Jun-yeol and his ex-lover Han So-hee casting offers for his next film “Delusion”. However, the plan naturally fell through because of their romance scandal. Having worked with Ryu Jun-yeol on several projects, director Han shared, “Jun-yeol and I have good chemistry. I saw his acting once in ‘The King’ but we were not close back then. He was calm and he’s still very calm and doesn’t talk much. When I offered him the role, he said he would listen to my talk without even looking at the script and I was so grateful for that”.

When asked about his feelings after failing to cast Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee for “Delusion”, director Han said, “No decisions had been made at that time. I was not too upset because I was also concerned about the media”. Regarding the criticism due to Ryu Jun-yeol’s private life scandal that distracted viewers’ attention to “The 8 Show”, the director said, “But he worked very hard until the end. He earnestly wanted to join all the promotions. I didn’t feel anything unusual about him”.

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