Taiwanese ‘First Love Icon’ Greg Hsu Said He Was Impressed By Son Seok-gu’s Acting

Greg Hsu is back with another first love story called “18×2 Beyond Youthful Days.”

A press conference for the Japanese-Taiwanese movie “18×2 Beyond Youthful Days“ was held in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on May 24 with the parti of lead actor Greg Hsu, lead actress Kiyohara Kaya, and director Fujii Michihito.

The movie “18×2 Beyond Youthful Days,” which was released on the 22nd, is an emotional romance story about a man’s journey to Japan in search of my first love, who he met in Taiwan. Hsu plays the role of “Jimmy,” a man who travels to Japan to meet “Ami,” who was his first love 18 years ago. Rising Japanese star Kiyohara Kaya starred as “Ami,” a woman who met “Jimmy” 18 years ago during a backpack trip to Taiwan.

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During the press conference, Hsu said, “I acted as the same character at both 18 and 36 years old,” adding, “I’ve acted similar roles before, so it was a challenge to create different feelings from the previous ones.” Regarding his unique “eye acting,” he replied, “I didn’t prepare anything special and only followed the flow of the scenario.”

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Meanwhile, Hsu will appear in “No Way Out: The roulette,” which will be released on the Korean app U+Mobile T in July. Hsu plays the role of “Mr. Smile,” a killer who came to Korea to kill Kim Kook-ho (Yoo Jae-myung) in this drama. Regarding this role, Greg Hsu said, “I recently appeared in a Korean production,” adding, “II hope I have more opportunities to continue working in Korea.”

When asked what his favorite Korean film is, he said, “I like the work of directors Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho,” adding, “I recently saw a work of actor Son Seok-gu, and it was impressive.”

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