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“Forced interview?”, “Street Man Fighter” Kim Jung-woo, who dropped out of the next mission, made a meaningful post then deleted it

“Street Man Fighter” dancer Kim Jung-woo released a meaningful post on Instagram and deleted it shortly after then.

On September 15th, Kim Jung-woo of Mbitious posted on Instagram a photo of himself standing in front of the camera along with the short caption “As you all know, I don’t give up easily. It was a forced interview.”

Street Man Fighter

The post was deleted immediately, but as netizens quickly screenshotted it and spread it to various online communities, many people are raising the suspicion that Kim Jung-woo might have been unfairly forced to do this and that by Mnet’s production team.

The Class Mission was carried out on the September 13th broadcast of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”. In this mission, two worst dancers from each class completed a battle. In the Rookie class, We Demz Boys Kamel and Mbitious Kim Jung-woo faced each other, and eventually, Kim Jung-woo lost.

After being defeated, Kim Jung-woo said in an interview with the production team that he apologized to the members of Mbitious. It is because Mbitious Woo-tae had just managed to gain some points but he lost and made their team’s point be subtracted. The dancer said, “There are situations in which your experiences are ignored. I felt a little bit unfair. However, in the end, I am greatly responsible for not making the best results”, revealing his feelings. 

Later, Kim Jung-woo announced a temporary drop-out in the next mission when he gathered with Mbitious crew. He said, “I couldn’t help the team with my skills”. Upon hearing this, Woo-tae said, “You don’t have to feel sorry for that. No one thinks so”. Nevertheless, Kim Jung-woo said, “I want to have some time to think about myself while supporting the members from behind in the next mission”.

In the broadcast, it was shown that Kim Jungwoo expressed his intention to voluntarily drop out of the next mission, and the crew members each gave advice and support.

Street Man Fighter

However, due to the Instagram post that Kim Jung-woo wrote deleted, the viewers have started raising suspicions of Mnet’s production team putting pressure on the dancer and making him do things they want. 

Street Man Fighter

In the comment section of the cut scene in which Kim Jung-woo voluntarily declared his drop-out, netizens voiced huge support for the dancer and criticized “Street Man Fighter” production team.

Source: wikitree

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