Song Hye-kyo Shows Support for Han So-hee After Intense “Love Drama”

The relationship between Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee seems to have stayed strong even after the latter’s “love drama”.

On the morning of May 19, Han So-hee published a video on her personal Instagram, taken at the airport as she headed to France for the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. Via the post, the actress also thanked fans for welcoming her at the airport, stating, “Even though it’s late, I still want to say thank you. I’ll be back soon.”

It was noticed that quickly after this post was revealed, Song Hye-kyo left a like, indicating her support. It seems that Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee’s relationship is as tight as ever, even after the “love drama” surrounding Han So-hee recently. 

song hye kyo han so hee

In fact, previously, for several months, Song Hye-kyo hadn’t interacted or liked any of Han So-hee’s Instagram posts, causing concern among their fans.

On the other hand, Han So-hee lost a significant number of followers after being suspected of having an affair with actor Ryu Jun-yeol. The drama unfolded when Ryu Jun-yeol’s ex-lover, Hyeri, posted a story with the caption “Interesting” on the same day Ryu Jun-yeol was revealed to be dating Han So-hee in Hawaii. 

han so hee ryu jun yeol hyeri

At the time, photos of Han So-hee attending Ryu Jun-yeol’s exhibition just two days after he broke up with Hyeri went viral, fueling rumors of an affair, tho Han So-hee has since refuted such rumors

Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee have a close relationship in real life. The two actresses often support each other’s projects and interact warmly on social media. Once, Song Hye-kyo even sent a coffee truck to the set where Han So-hee was filming to encourage her junior. Song Hye-kyo also visited Han So-hee’s house and publicly posted a video taken at her junior’s apartment on her personal account.

When Han So-hee & Song Hye-kyo’s upcoming collaboration drama, “The Price of Confession”, fell through in May last year, Song Hye-kyo sent her sincere encouragement to Han So-hee. Additionally, the “The Glory” actress expressed her hope to work with Han So-hee in an interview with Sports Chosun, saying, “Han So-hee is a very lovely girl. It would be great if we could film together, but things didn’t go as planned. I’m curious about working with a younger actress who fits the new era trends. Nowadays, there are many works focusing on women’s stories, so I think there will be another opportunity (to collaborate with Han So-hee).”

song hye kyo han so hee
The two stars frequently interact on each other’s social media posts. 
song hye kyo han so hee
Song Hye-kyo sent a coffee truck to the set of the film “Gyeongseong Creature” to support Han So-hee. Han So-hee was thrilled upon receiving the meaningful gift from her senior.
song hye kyo han so hee
Song Hye-kyo once visited Han So-hee’s home and joyfully recorded a video of her junior’s pet cat.
song hye kyo han so hee
When Song Hye-kyo won Best Actress (TV category) at the 2023 Baeksang Arts Awards, Han So-hee congratulated her senior on social media.

Sources: K14, Twitter, Naver

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