Song Da-eun Avoids Answering About Dating Rumors With BTS’s Jimin But Immediately Denied Allegations With Big Bang’s Seungri

Actress Song Da-eun drew attention by showing different reactions to her dating rumors.

Song Da-eun conducted a live broadcast on Instagram on May 21st. Since she was recently involved in a “self-made dating rumor” with BTS’s Jimin, countless netizens including Jimin’s overseas fans have come to her livestream.

Song was suddenly asked by a netizen, “Are you Seungri’s ex-girlfriend?” and Song repeatedly clarified, “I am not his ex-girlfriend,” “Nope!” and “I have nothing to do with Seungri.”

seungri song da eun

Since 2022, netizens have consistently raised suspicions of her dating Jimin, and Song has been giving unclear answers regarding this. Meanwhile, she expressed a clear stance on her dating rumor with Seungri.

In the broadcast, Song said, “You keep saying that I am quarreling, but I am not. This is so funny. How can I quarrel the public, right?” and said, “Why would I be doing this for no reason? I’m not doing this for no reason, all right?” to the nuanced questions about Jimin.

In addition, fans directly commented, “You are pretending to be Jimin’s girlfriend,” and “Jimin is suffering in the military, and you are spreading useless rumors.” Nevertheless, Song Da-eun amplified suspicions by answering, “There are people who want to see it positively, there are people who want to see it negatively,” and “Why do you think the military is making him suffer?”

song da eun

Song Da-eun also recited malicious comments saying, “It’s a problem because the ajumas keep saying I am dating him. Do I have to say that I’m not dating?” but avoided answering whether she was dating Jimin until the end.

Meanwhile, Song Da-eun said, “Everyone, I collected some malicious comments. And I received a lot of cursing through e-mails. Thanks to this, I was able to collect a lot of data. I turned on this live broadcast because there were DMs (direct message) asking me to show my pets. So I collected a lot of malicious comments today. Thank you. No reconciliation will made” hinting at a tough legal action.

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