So Ji Sub met Japanese fans after 3 years through “Doctor Lawyer” fan meeting

Actor So Ji Sub met fans in Japan after about 3 years.

So Ji Sub made meaningful memories with fans through the Japanese fan meeting of MBC’s drama “Doctor Lawyer” held in Osaka on Dec 15th and Tokyo on Dec 17th.

So Ji-sub

This fan meeting was the first meeting in about 3 years since the promotion of “My Secret Terrius”, so it had a different meaning for both fans and So Ji Sub. From the moment the fan meeting was held to the end, it was an event that showed So Ji Sub’s sincerity towards fans.

So Ji Sub gave fans special pleasure through various corners, from talking about his recent status, to behind-the-scenes stories of “Doctor Lawyer”.

So Ji-sub

So Ji Sub evoked enthusiastic responses by taking part in events where he could breathe closely with fans. He went down the stage and heated up the atmosphere by making close eye contact with fans.

He also impressed everyone by giving polaroid photos to fans who solved the quizzes and taking selfies with fans’ mobile phones.

So Ji-sub

At this fan meeting, actor Lee Seung Woo, who played Choi Yo Sub (a 3rd year fellow at the Thoracic Surgery Department of Banseok Hospital) and showed senior-junior chemistry with So Ji Sub in “Doctor Lawyer”, appeared as a special guest, drawing attention.

So Ji Sub expressed special affection by introducing Lee Seung Woo as “a great actor whom viewers should look forward to in the future“.

lee seung woo

Lee Seung Woo said, “On the set of ‘Doctor Lawyer’, he was extremely considerate so that I could act comfortably, and I was moved by seeing my senior who always came to the filming set early and was always studying the script.

He then expressed that he learned a lot, and wanted to be closer to So Ji Sub, receiving enthusiastic responses from fans.

Throughout the fan meeting, So Ji Sub, who made eye contact with the fans and showed affection generously, made a bracelet with his name on it and gave it to a fan, who was selected via lottery.

So Ji-sub

At the end of the event, the actor said, “I was so happy to be able to be with fans again. I hope we can meet again in good health, and I hope that your family will be filled with happiness and fortune.

Finally, after the fan meeting, So Ji Sub held a send-off event where he made eye contact with the fans and greeted them one by one, repaying their passionate love with a wonderful time.

On the other hand, So Ji Sub is currently contemplating his next project.

Source: Wikitree

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