Shocking Revelation Of Girl Group Center Member Dating Several Actors

Japanese broadcaster and politician Hideo Higashikokumaru drew attention with his sudden revelation of a female idol

On May 16th (local time), actor and comedian Hiroyuki Miyasako (54 years old) uploaded on his YouTube channel a video titled “I had a free talk with the BIG3 in the entertainment industry and got in trouble”.

The video shows Hiroyuki Miyasako having a talk with comedian Masashi Tashiro (67 years old) and broadcaster and politician Hideo Higashikokumaru (66 years old).

In the video, Hideo Higashikokumaru mentioned the entertainment industry when he was still active as a talent. Back then, he married actress Kato Kazuko and lived in a three-story luxury apartment.

Revealing that a female idol group member lived on the second floor of the apartment, Hideo Higashikokumaru said, “That person was the prettiest member of the idol group. Many famous actors took turns coming there secretly. I met those actors several times”

Although he did not specifically point out the name of the idol, Hiroyuki Miyasako cautiously said to the production staff, “Please edit this part. It may spark controversy”.

Meanwhile, Hiroyuki Miyasako started doing YouTube activities in 2020 and has posted 964 videos. He currently has 1.28 million subscribers.

Hideo Higashikokumaru married announcer Kimiyo Katahira in 1985 but they divorced in 1989. Later in 1990, he remarried actress Kato Kazuko then divorced again in 2006.

Source: daum

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