Shin Min-ah’s Effortlessly Radiant Even During Makeup

Actress Shin Min-ah has revealed her natural and easygoing side.

On the 2nd day, Shin Min-ah shared several photos, including behind-the-scenes shots and makeup photos. In these pictures, Shin Min-ah appeared completely at ease, showcasing her natural charm and cheerful smile.

One of the captivating photos was a candid shot during the makeup process. Wearing a long gray dress and sitting with her legs crossed while holding a mirror, Shin Min-ah hadn’t completed her makeup, and her hairstyle was not yet perfect. However, her pure and girlish appearance exuded a lovely feeling.

shin min ah

Netizens had various reactions, with comments like, “She’s just casually doing her makeup,” and “She looks really beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Shin Min-ah has announced that she is currently considering offers to appear in the upcoming dramas ‘Not Wanting to Lose,’ and ‘Fateful Love’ as her next projects.

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