SEVENTEEN Surpassed BLACKPINK with Most-Attended Concert by a 3rd Gen K-pop Group

The latest concert of SEVENTEEN is the most-attended concert by a 3rd gen K-pop group, surpassing BLACKPINK’s past record. 

On May 25 (KST), SEVENTEEN successfully held a concert in Nissan Stadium in Japan, attracting over 70,000 fans, proving the group’s massive popularity in their 9th year. 


With such a number, SEVENTEEN is now the 3rd gen K-pop group with the most-attended concert in history, surpassing the previous record holder BLACKPINK – whose concert in National Bukit Jalil, Kualar Lumpur, attracted over 63,000 fans. 

So far, in 3rd place is BTS with over 57,200 fans each night for 2 concerts in Wembley Stadium, UK, and in 4th place is TWICE with over 57,000 fans each night for 2 concerts in Foro Sol, Mexico City. 

Following SEVENTEEN, TWICE will also hold a concert in Nissan Stadium – the biggest venue for a concert in Japan, in July this year.

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