Seohyun explains the situation that made Dispatch give up on following her in the past

Girls’ Generation Seohyun revealed a behind story of her legendary memes

Recently, the YouTube channel of Esquire Korea uploaded an interview video with Seohyun. In the video, Seohyun was seen spending time looking at her past photos and videos.

Reading the article titled, “Seohyun, the celebrity whom Dispatch gave up on following”, Seohyun burst into laughter and wondered, “When did they make this article?”.

She then explained the behind-the-scenes story of the photo in the article, saying “It says, ‘She was reading a book’, and I was actually reading a book with my manager. I think we read together and talked about it”.

Seohyun then looked at her legendary meme when appearing on “Happy Together”. She exclaimed, “I didn’t know people would like it that much”.

In response to the comment mentioning “entertainment character”, Seohyun said “I’m good at speaking informally now”, adding “At that time, I felt awkward because I couldn’t speak informally on programs. So I found the solution that acting like I’m in a historical drama might help me speak more comfortably”.

Seohyun then talked about the slang words she says in the film “Love and Leashes”. She shared, “For this movie, I think I’ve used all the slang and curse words I knew in my life. It’s a movie in which I cursed a lot”.

Meanwhile, Seohyun will appear in Netflix’s new series “Song of the Bandits”, which is scheduled to premiere on September 22nd.

Source: Nate

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