Sehun, “From being the youngest in EXO to becoming a senior… I thought a lot about how to lead the juniors”

EXO member Sehun (Oh Se Hun) showed his appearance as a senior.

SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” broadcast on May 9th featured EXO Sehun and actor Jo Joon Young, who star in TVing’s original series “All That We Loved”, as guests.

On the radio, Sehun confessed that he experienced being a senior for the first time on the filming set for this drama.


Sehun shared, “I was always the youngest, but now I see younger people everywhere. Especially, the main characters in this work are much younger than me.”

Revealing that he was worried about how to lead the juniors as a senior, Sehun said, “I just met them a lot. After having meals and drinking beers together, the kids became comfortable with me. The filming felt more relaxed after we got closer.”

All-That-We-Loved sehun

In response, Jo Joon Young showed his gratitude towards Sehun, saying “He led us, bought us delicious food, listened to our concerns, and gave us advice.”

Sehun said, “Joon Young asked me to treat him to a meal and buy him drinks first. From my perspective as an older brother, it’s not easy for me to refuse him. I feel very happy with his requests inside”, expressing affection for his juniors.

DJ Choi Hwa Jung also sympathized, saying “Surprisingly, sometimes I feel better when juniors approach me first. If they’re too shy, we won’t be able to get close quickly. Such an interaction is needed when we film something together.”

Source: Daum

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