San E “2PM left a deep impression on me…I like ‘Tasty San’ now”

Rapper San E (Jung San, 38) expressed his affection for the song “Tasty San”, which he released when he was under JYP Entertainment in the past.

Recently, San E met hankyung.com in Seoul and talked about various things related to music, including his 2nd full album “Just Rap Shit”.

San E received attention for his unusual move by entering JYP as a trainee in 2008, when he was active in the underground. After that, in 2010, he began his activities with “Tasty San”. Although he succeeded in raising his recognition level at that time, many people were surprised to see him rapping with exciting rhythm and comical concept as he had already been recognized for his skills in the underground.

San E

San E burst into laughter, saying, “‘Tasty San’ was an unconventionalness to me too.” Recalling that time, he confessed, “I came from the United States and I thought I should do American hip-hop in Korea. I was embarrassed because of this song.”

But now he has changed his mind. San E said, “Now I like this song so much that I often perform it as an encore. I don’t think I had the ability to digest this song at that time.”

Meanwhile, his motto is “The first is skill. The second is personality”. When asked if the inclusion of personality was due to JYP’s influence, he replied, “Personality is No.1 in JYP. I met 2PM at the recording studio when 2PM was at their peak. As soon as we saw each other, they stood up and said hello. They left a deep impression on me.”

Source: Daum

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