“Queen of Tears” Breaks Record Despite Finishing 1 Month Ago 

The popularity of K-drama “Queen of Tears” seems to continue even 1 month after the release of its final episode. 

There is a K-drama that has ranked first for three consecutive months in the “Favorite TV Programs of Koreans” survey. The drama in question is none other than tvN’s “Queen of Tears”, which garnered a phenomenal level of popularity this spring.

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Since January 2013, Gallup Korea has been conducting monthly surveys on “Favorite TV Programs.” Unlike TV ratings, which measure viewership, this survey reflects the emotional preferences of Koreans across different time slots, spaces, channels, and media.

In the May 2024 survey of “Favorite TV Programs of Koreans,” “Queen of Tears” secured the top spot with a 3.9% preference rate. Previously, “Queen of Tears” had also ranked first in the March and April surveys, making it the first 16-episode drama to achieve the extraordinary feat of holding the top spot for 3 consecutive months.

Gallup Korea explained, “It’s very unusual that ‘Queen of Tears’ captured the top spot just two weeks after it started airing in March, and even though its preference rate dropped significantly from 13.1% in April to 3.9% in May, it managed to keep viewers captivated nearly a month after the final episode.”

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According to Gallup Korea, since January 2013, only 11 dramas have surpassed a preference rate of 10%, including “Queen of Tears”, “My Daughter Seo-young” (12.2%), “My Love from the Star” (11.5%), “Empress Ki” (11.8%), “Jang Bo-ri Is Here!” (12.1%), “Descendants of the Sun” (12.3%), “Goblin” (12.6%), “SKY Castle” (13.0%), “Reborn Rich” (16.6%), “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (16.4%), and “The Glory” (14.8%). 

On the other hand, in the May 2024 survey, following “Queen of Tears”, KBS2’s “Beauty and the Bachelor” ranked second (2.8%), and MBC’s “I Live Alone” took third place (2.7%). Meanwhile, “Lovely Runner” (2.6%) secured 4th place.

Source: Wikitree

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