Park SeoJoon and Park Minyoung’s dating rumors were denied, but it’s up to the viewers’ perspective

On July 31st , Park Minyoung and Park Seojun’s dating rumor was brought up in discussion in “Night of Real Entertainment”.

In an interview by reporter Kang Il Hong from “THE FACT”, he said, “I received an information that after the drama ends, they will get married. Their dating rumor was announced among the entertainment’s reporters, but because we knew about it before the drama stared, it was really a cautious matter.

There were lots of mixed gossips”, he added then revealed the couple’s LoveStagram’s evidences, such as they went on a vacation at the same time as each other, or the shoes and hats worn by Park Minyoung appeared on Park Seo Joon’s SNS, and Park Seo Joon‘s baseball uniform number, 34 was similar to Park Minyoung’s birthday, March 4th.

However, Park Seojun and Park Minyoung denied the rumor that they were dating each other. “Night of Real Entertainment” even stated, “The Song-Song Couple also denied their dating rumor before their marriage” and “everything is up to the viewers’ point of view

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