Park Na Rae faces up to past sexual harassment scandal and shows remorse for her misconducts

Park Na Rae said that she had disciplined herself about her past behaviors.

Recently, comedian Park Na Rae appeared on “Oh Eunyeong’s Bucketlist” as a special guest. On this day, the comedian shared her thoughts on various subjects, from marriage life to career. Most notably, Park Na Rae addressed the serious sexual harassment scandal from 2 years ago.

In 2021, Park Na Rae became the talk of the town after an episode of the entertainment show “Hey Na Rae”. At the time, the comedian was embroiled in a series of sexually explicit behaviors with a male doll used to simulate sexual issues. Many viewers were annoyed about her behaviors and condemned them as inappropriate. Some audience members even regarded the behaviors as borderline sexual harassment in a public program available on YouTube that even children can access. In response, Park Na Rae deleted the video. The police reportedly carried out an investigation.

Park Na Rae’s controversial behaviors in 2021

On “Oh Eunyeong’s Buketlist”, Park Na Rae shared that she met Doctor Oh Eun Yeong during the roughest part of her artistic life. She admitted undergoing serious changes in thoughts and personal code when she talked about comedy and her career as a comedian. She said: “I came to understand that I can’t just work hard and that not everyone will laugh at the things I like. I came to realize a lot, I shouldn’t have done what I did if even one person was uncomfortable about it. Even now, I have the attitude that I am still learning”.

Park Na Rae is a well-loved comedian in Korea for her grace and humorous, witty conversational styles. She had made various entertainment program appearances prior to the scandal. When the controversy broke out, Na Rae’s reputation was tainted, and her career went through a crisis. At the moment, Park Na Rae has restarted her activities but she still has not been able to leave the controversy behind.

Source: billboardvn

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