Park Min Young Defends BoA’s Acting in “Marry My Husband”

Singer-turned-actress BoA recently found herself at the center of scrutiny for her performance in the hit drama "Marry My Husband" 

However, amidst the storm of opinions, fellow actress Park Min Young, who plays the lead in “Marry My Husband,” has stepped forward to offer a perspective of understanding.

When asked about BoA’s acting coming under controversy, Park Min Young emphasized the inherent challenges of joining a production midway and underscored the complexity of the role BoA had undertaken. 

boa-marry my husband

“I’m not taking sides,” Park Min Young clarified, “but I believe participating in a drama midway through is challenging for anyone, even experienced actors.”

Park Min Young went on to highlight  BoA’s efforts during filming, acknowledging the dedication she brought to the set. “She took on a challenging role. BoA is the same age as me, and we get along well. During the filming process, she tried her best,” Park Min Young affirmed, “and if that’s the best she could do, then I hope people won’t be too harsh.” 

Upon BoA’s first appearance in “Marry My Husband,” criticisms arose not only about her lips and appearance but also her acting. 

Viewers argued that the unfamiliar atmosphere coming from her changed appearance, inconsistent vocalization, and unchanged, awkward facial expressions. While BoA personally explained that her lips appeared different due to overlining, the fundamental issue lay in her acting.

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