Official Statement from FNC: “Lee Jonghyun is self-reflecting”. No mention about retirement

FNC Entertainment has given an official statement on the controversy over Lee Jonghyun’s hidden camera scandal

On March 15, FNC made an announcement about Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE)’s scandal, “Lee Jonghyun responded to the request to cooperate with the investigation on March 12. Lee Jonghyun made a statement because, at that time, he felt that there were no inappropriate contents in the video clips and the conversations with Jung Joon Young. After the SBS report on the 14th, we checked the facts with Lee Jong-hyun and reflected that he deserves criticism for watching the videos and having inappropriate conversations.”

They added, “Lee Jonghyun is deeply regretful and remorseful. As a public figure, he will be careful of everything he says and does, and he will reflect on himself and make atonement for his wrong.”

SBS reported on Sunday that Lee Jonghyun was a member of a group chat room that included Seungri and Jung Joon Young. This group chat room is the starting point of the scandals of sharing sex videos that were illegally filmed by Jung Joon Young. In the chat room, Jonghyun has shared illegal video clips and sometimes even received videos through 1:1 conversations with Jung Joon Young.

Sources: Nate

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