“Now, We Are Breaking Up” actor Yoon Na-moo complimented Song Hye-kyo, “I’m a big fan of her”

Actor Yoon Na-moo praised his colleague actress Song Hye-kyo.

Star News conducted an interview with Yoon Na-moo, who appeared in the recently ended SBS’s drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”. Regarding his first time working with Song Hye-kyo, who plays the main character in the drama, Yoon Na-moo said, “I have seen an unexpected side of her”.

Yoon Na-moo said, “Actress Song Hye-kyo was an ‘icon’ in our generation. Actor Jang Ki-yong said he wondered, ‘Am I really going to act with actress Song Hye-kyo?’. I thought the same thing, too. In my mind, actress Song Hye-kyo was ‘a top star in my childhood’ but she actually came to the first script reading one hour earlier and sat in the script reading room alone. On the outside, she might look like a top star but she’s actually a person from whom I have a lot to learn.”

Yoon Na-moo complimented Song Hye-kyo

He continued to praise Song Hye-kyo, saying, “She acted and behaved the same at the filming site. That’s why she has maintained her position for more than 20 years until now. Regarding the human side, she has such a great personality. After seeing actress Song Hye-kyo caring for each staff member, never being late, and doing everything to raise the atmosphere at the filming site as the main character actor, I became a fan of the ‘Human Song Hye-kyo’. Her personality is even prettier than her beauty.”

Yoon Na-moo complimented Song Hye-kyo

Known as Song Hye-kyo’s return drama, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” drew keen attention at first but its performance didn’t meet the viewers’ expectations. According to the rating survey company Nielsen Korea, episode 16, the final episode, recorded a rating of 6.7%.

Yoon Na-moo complimented Song Hye-kyo
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