Not NewJeans, This Girl Group Will Claim the No.1 Slot Among 4th Gen Girl Groups?

Recently, K-pop fans witnessed aespa's spectacular comeback with "Supernova," the pre-release single for their first full album, "Armageddon." 

“Supernova” was introduced as a “supernova explosion,” marking the next chapter in the group’s primal virtual-real world concept. When it was released, the song’s unique electronic melody, which lacked the usual high points of aespa’s hits, made many doubt its broad appeal.

aespa perfect all kill

However, its distinct style stood out amid the saturated K-pop scene, leading to aespa’s explosive success. Following their promotional stages, aespa has achieved an impressive milestone. Recently, they officially secured a Perfect All-Kill for “Supernova,” setting high expectations for the upcoming title track and full album to be released on May 27.


With their dominant domestic achievements, aespa also sparked a dance craze and a new trend with the “su-su-su-su-supernova” melody. This successful comeback has significantly increased aespa’s recognition and attracted more fans.

Beyond digital music, aespa is poised to record album sales success thanks to SM’s strategic investment in fully developing their virtual world concept. The creative point has been elevated with the CDP version of “Armageddon”.

aespa cdp

Not just releasing a full album, photobook, and CD, the CDP version includes an integrated disc player, eye-catching visuals, and a futuristic, modern design that is distinctly aespa. This innovation immediately drew not only fans but also curious music fans to rush and order the album to own the special version.

With rapid growth in digital achievements, promising album sales, and an increasingly elevated profile, many predict aespa will quickly reclaim the top spot in K-pop 4th gen. They were once a promising name for the No.1 4th gen girl group with the mega-hit “Next Level,” but since NewJeans debuted and broke numerous records domestically and internationally, aespa has somewhat fallen behind.


In 2022-2023, NewJeans and IVE were the most prominent K-pop 4th gen girl groups. Among them, NewJeans’ ability to penetrate the US market was deemed unparalleled.

However, the K-pop 4th gen girl group race took a dramatic turn when HYBE experienced internal disputes with NewJeans’ mother Min Hee Jin. On May 24, NewJeans returned with the double single “How Sweet.” In the US—the most anticipated market—the new song from NewJeans disappeared from the charts, a stark contrast to their previous releases. 

Following the HYBE internal conflict, many experts believe NewJeans might face resource cuts or even a “freeze in activities” for siding with Min Hee Jin. 

ive thumbnail

With their strongest rival facing difficulties, aespa easily ascends to the top with their current momentum. In this comeback, aespa also outperformed IVE in achievements. 

A crucial reason aespa convinces the public is their continuously upgraded skills. The members’ singing and dancing abilities are outstanding, and their stage presence has significantly improved in their fourth year, making them strong contenders for the top position of their generation. 

Source: k14

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