Not BLACKPINK, TWICE is the first Kpop girl group to achieve this in the US!

If BLACKPINK doesn’t have a comeback soon, TWICE is going to take all the spotlight!

From February 15th to 27th, TWICE came to 5 major U.S. cities to hold concerts as part of the 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ with the attendance of more than 100,000 fans. Surpassing BLACKPINK, TWICE was crowned the girl group with the most attended North American tour in Kpop history.

After the U.S., TWICE is scheduled to hold concerts in Japan where the JYP girl group is extremely popular. As planned, the group will hold 3 consecutive concerts at Tokyo Dome from April 23 to 25, becoming the first and only girl group in history to have 3 concerts at Japan’s “concert sanctuary”.

In addition, TWICE‘s concert on April 24 will also be shown live at Japanese cinemas. A total of 143 cinemas in 47 districts will simultaneously broadcast TWICE‘s concert with the ticket price of about 50 USD. Previously, BTS also applied this form to concerts within the framework of Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul, at 3,711 cinemas in 75 countries and territories around the world.

The concert scale of TWICE‘s world tour has reached a new height along with the group’s increasing popularity globally. The explosive interest in TWICE’s 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ made JYP decide to hold another encore concert on May 14.

TWICE is set to meet local fans in an encore concert taking place at the Banc Of California Stadium located in Los Angeles. The stadium was originally a football field with a capacity of up to 23,500 spectators. By performing here, TWICE will become the first girl group in Kpop history to hold a stadium concert in the U.S. Due to the pandemic, TWICE‘s 4th world tour will officially wrap up after the last show at the Banc Of California.

In their 7th year of debut, TWICE continues to bag new remarkable achievements. After dethroning BLACKPINK to become the Kpop girl group with the most attended North American tour, TWICE is now going to be one step ahead of their rival by holding a concert in a U.S. stadium and being the first Kpop female act to do so. Anti-fans claim TWICE is only popular in Korea and Japan, but that is not true at all. TWICE’s influence in the global market, especially in the U.S., is absolutely no joke either. 

Some netizens’ comments:

  • Who said TWICE only does well in Korea and Japan? Their concerts were sold out everywhere in the States. Haters should open their eyes. 
  • Anti-fans kept saying TWICE is in their flop era meanwhile they are breaking huge records left and right 
  • In the first 2, 3 years after their debut, they broke all records in Korea, from views to digital, physical sales, awards, concerts. TWICE was the No.1 girl group in Korea. Now that they have entered their 7th year, no longer at the peak of their career, giving way to 4th gen idols, when it comes to awards, album sales, and concert sales, still no 4th gen girl group can compete with TWICE yet! 
  • From Tokyo Dome to an American stadium. TWICE is writing history. 
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