NewJeans’ fandom submits petition against Min Hee-jin’s dismissal

NewJeans' fandom Bunnies submits a petition opposing the dismissal of ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin

On May 23rd, Bunnies announced that they would be submitting a petition against the dismissal of CEO Min Hee-jin and to ensure the continuation of NewJeans‘ activities.

In the petition, they said, “At this critical juncture where NewJeans is poised for significant growth, a dispute between the parent company HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin has surfaced, causing great anxiety for both NewJeans and their fans.

They continued, “We are well aware of the significant investment HYBE has made in NewJeans, and we believe that Min Hee-jin, who has shown immense affection and responsibility towards NewJeans, has faithfully fulfilled her duties as a CEO by growing NewJeans and generating stable revenue for ADOR.”

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Furthermore, Bunnies expressed, “We understand that until there is a final legal conclusion regarding any alleged illegal actions by Min Hee-jin, the contractual terms between the parties should be respected, and Min Hee-jin’s position should be maintained. This is also the wish of NewJeans members, which aligns with our intention to support NewJeans.

The petition also stated, “Our fan club, which cherishes NewJeans, fully recognizes the achievements Min Hee-jin has made for the group and hopes to maintain the strong relationship between her and NewJeans members. We believe this is the best direction for NewJeans’ continued growth.”

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In addition to NewJeans members, other ADOR employees and those who have worked with Min Hee-jin have also submitted petitions opposing her dismissal.

HYBE is scheduled to hold an extraordinary general meeting on May 31st to replace Min Hee-jin and ADOR’s management. Min Hee-jin countered by filing an injunction to prohibit the exercise of voting rights. The court’s decision on the injunction is expected before the extraordinary general meeting.

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