New K-Drama Surpasses “Lovely Runner”? Revives SBS with Perfect Casting 

A newly-released K-drama has received high praise from viewers after just 2 episodes and records impressive ratings. 

After the painful failure of “The Escape of Seven”, SBS is being “revived” with its latest K-drama “Connection”. Indeed, after just two episodes, “Connection” has recorded an impressive viewership rating, with the 2nd episode achieving an average nationwide rating of 6.1%, successfully surpassing its competitor “Bitter Sweet Hell” from MBC in the Friday-Saturday drama battle.

Not only did it lead the Friday-Saturday evening slot, but “Connection” also became the highest-rated Korean miniseries of the past week, outperforming “Lovely Runner” (4.8%), “The Atypical Family” (4.2%), “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon” (4.9%), and others. 


It is evident that after the end of “Queen of Tears,” Korean television is experiencing a rating crisis, with even the hottest dramas like “Lovely Runner” struggling to surpass the 5% mark. The debut of “Connection” with impressive ratings in its first week is expected to successfully draw viewers back to the small screen in the future.

Of course, the success of “Connection” is not surprising since the drama was highly anticipated from the start, marking the return of master actor Ji Sung, who is known for his excellent script selection. True to expectations, the first 2 episodes received much praise for their intense plot, fast-paced developments, and unpredictable twists.


In the first two episodes, viewers see Ji Sung as Jang Jae-kyung, the best officer in the anti-drug unit who becomes an addict after being kidnapped and harmed. He struggles to overcome his drug-induced shocks and temptations to maintain his job as a police officer. Meanwhile, leading actress Jeon Mi-do plays the brave and upright journalist Oh Yoon-jin. She is shocked to hear that someone in the anti-drug investigation unit is rumored to have used banned substances themselves.


The gripping and unpredictable story is brought to life by an exceptional cast. Leading actor Ji Sung, who has never disappointed the audience, delivers a stellar performance, especially in scenes where his character experiences withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, Jeon Mi-do excellently transforms from her well-known image in “Hospital Playlist”, while the supporting cast and villains are equally outstanding, creating a truly perfect ensemble for viewers.

Source: K14

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