Netizens React to Idol’s Appearance Fees for University Festivals 

A topic about the appearance fees of K-pop idols for university festivals on the Korean forum “theqoo” has drawn attention. 

On May 25, a topic titled “Popular idols and singers’ university festival appearance fees” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”, drawing over 60,000 views and 300 comments. 

Below is the information on appearance fees of idols, as revealed by the topic. 

  1. PSY – 50 million Korean won (about $36,600 USD)
  2. IVE –  40 to 50 million Korean won (about $29,300 USD to $36,600 USD)
  3. aespa – 40 million Korean won (about $29,300 USD)
  4. NewJeans – 40 million Korean won (about $29,300 USD)
  5. Zico – 30 million Korean won (approx $22,000 USD)
  6. (G)I-DLE – 30 million Korean won (approx $22,000 USD)
  7. ITZY – 30 million Korean won (approx $22,000 USD)
  8. AKMU – 30 million Korean won (approx $22,000 USD)
  9. Kwon Eunbi – 27 million Korean won (about $19,800 USD).
  10. fromis_9 – 25 million Korean won (approx $18,300 USD)
  11. NMIXX– 25 million Korean won (approx $18,300 USD)

Below are some comments from Korean netizens regarding these fees: 

  • I believe the actual fees are a lot higher than that
  • Wow the appearance fees are just as low as 10 years ago. Did nothing change at all?
  • Guys, appearance fees at university festivals are often on the low side compared to other events since these festivals have a promotional effect on young people 
  • It’s just a waste of tuition…
  • I don’t enjoy festivals, so I wish the money would be used to invest in school facilities and pay attention to student welfare.
  • Kwon Eunbi’s fee is simply impressive considering she’s a solo artist 

Source: theqoo, Krb

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