Netizens Protest Against Seungri Opening Nightclubs In Southeast Asian

The recent updates about former BIGBANG member Seungri and his business sparks intense criticism from netizens

There seems to be no chance for Seungri to return to the Korean music industry after getting released from prison. Therefore, he has been focusing on doing business by attending events in Southeast Asian countries. On May 24th, Korean media outlets reported that the former BIGBANG member is preparing to push ahead with business activities. A close acquaintance revealed that Seungri is planning to open a club in Cambodia.

In particular, Seungri already completed seeking investment and is now ready to start the business. In the past, Seungri was the owner of Burning Sun Club, the start of the shocking Burning Sun Scandal that exposed his crimes such as prostitution, illegal filming, embezzlement, etc.


Information about Seungri opening a nightclub in Cambodia resulted in a backlash from netizens. In online communities, Internet users poured criticism, such as “Why is he so obsessed with clubs? I guess he’s going to commit the same crimes again”, “He’s clubbing again?”, “I hate seeing the guy who caused such a bad influence on society living so comfortably”, etc.


Prior to this, the Chinese media outlet Sohu also reported Seungri’s plan to move to Hong Kong for a long stay. According to the source, Seungri already purchased a luxurious house for the mid-levels and has been looking for a good place to open a club in East Tsim Sha Tsui.


Upon hearing the news, Jacky Heung, son of Charles Heung, raised his voice opposing Seungri’s business in Hong Kong. He said, “Do not come here, no one is welcoming you. Please stay away from Hong Kong showbiz. Opening a club? Don’t bring your bad influences here and affect our country negatively. Get lost”.

Meanwhile, the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR, China) also responded to the suspicion of Seungri settling in Hong Kong. HKSAR said they have not received any visa applications related to any former Korean artists. The government affirms that they always strictly comply with the mechanism for reviewing immigration applications of foreigners, and only those who are qualified will be approved. HKSAR further informed that foreigners can enjoy a visa-free period in Hong Kong of no more than 90 days.


The Burning Sun scandal was exposed in 2019 and shocked the public throughout Asia. Seungri is one of Burning Sun’s “main” bosses and has been caught up in legal trouble. During the trial held in January 2022, the former BIGBANG member admitted 9 charges including sex trafficking, prostitution brokerage, gambling and embezzlement. By May 2022, the Korean Supreme Court officially recognized Seungri’s 1 year and 6 months prison sentence decided by a lower court. In addition to the prison sentence, the male singer also had to pay a fine of 1.15 billion won. After being detained in August 2021, the male singer was officially released in February last year.

Recently, BBC’s video on the Burning Sun scandal became a hot topic. Notably, BBC revealed a series of clips and many scary hidden corners in the once-shaking scandal. Once again, the former BIGBANG member became the focus of criticism from the public.

Source: K14

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