Namgoong Min’s Timeless Charm: Rediscovering His Flower Boy Visuals During ‘Maru Oppa’ Era 

Even after 12 years, Namgoong Min’s handsome appearance has barely changed compared to his ‘Maru Oppa’ era.  

Namgoong Min is currently receiving great love as the lead in MBC’s drama “My Dearest.” At the same time, he is drawing attention to his appearance from a decade ago in the drama “Listen to My Heart.”

Several photos were recently posted on a Korean online community under the title “Namgoong Min’s ‘Maru Oppa’ era is still loved even now.”

nam goong min

The post includes pictures of Namgoong Min in his role as Bong Maru, the second male lead, in the 2011 MBC drama “Listen to My Heart.”

At that time, Namgoong Min created a buzz among viewers, leading the drama to success. With his large expressive eyes filled with emotions and a vacant gaze that seemed somewhat sorrowful, Nam Goongmin received much love for his portrayal of Bong Maru.   

In the photos, Namgoong Min looks as handsome as he does now. However, instead of the strong and masculine appearance he has now, his visuals exuded more of a ‘flower boy’ vibe with a youthful charm back then. 

nam goong min

Seeing the photos of Namgoong Min from a decade ago, netizens commented: “I first discovered Nam Goongmin during this era, and I really liked him,” “Maru Oppa, the epitome of the second male lead,” “I loved him,” “He was handsome back then,” “I still can’t forget Maru Oppa,” “I was a Bong Maru’s fan,” “My first love,” “Cute, cool, he had it all.” 

Meanwhile, Namgoong Min is currently playing Lee Jang Hyun in MBC’s “My Dearest.” “My Dearest” has garnered attention from its first episode and been steadily increasing its viewership, surpassing 10% according to Nielsen Korea.

nam goong min

Once again, Namgoong Min is leading the drama’s success, creating a new syndrome. “My Dearest” airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM KST.

Source: Insight

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