Music critic hopes BTS returns to their roots, since they have released mainstream music that topped Billboard’s HOT 100

BTS was extending their record for the 7th consecutive week as “Butter” once again topped Billboard’s Hot 100charts.

On July 9, the global K-pop group, BTS released “Permission To Dance” in English. Fans around the globe were thrilled with the new track. However, some were disappointed because they had hoped for something else.

Jung Min Jae, a music critic, posted his thoughts and feelings via Twitter. This has sparked a lively discussion in a well-known online community.

According to the music critic, bright melodies and words that include familiar names to the English-speaking public and Americans – This song is similar to the other songs. It’s exhausting to listen to three songs following the same ‘hit-song formula” in one year. However, this song is the best. It’s more pleasant on the ears, and the melody is charming.”

In his next tweet, he wrote: “I’d love to think of these events releases. Given the COVID19 special circumstances, I would like to see the new works as different than the old works. I would like to see the same boldness and edge that they showed in previous works in the next releases. They’ve been able to land on the Billboard charts.”

Fans and netizens gathered in an online community, to discuss the comments of the music critics. Some comments from netizens: “I disagree. Many English-speaking fans started the fandom with three English songs, and now they listen to BTS’s Korean music. It’s why memes are made about it.” “I understand what the music critic says. BTS’s song style has changed this year, I believe,” “BTS released a Korean album last week so I don’t know what the critic is saying,” and “I feel 100% would have criticized BTS if it had released intense songs such as ‘ON’ or “Black Swan” during this time.”

One netizen added the following image:

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Source: AK

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