‘Legend of Pop’ – Elton John covered BTS Jimin’s part in ‘Permission to Dance’

Even the British legendary pop singer – Elton John fell in love with Jimin’s part in BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’!

On the 7th (KST), Elton John received several enthusiastic and favorable responses from netizens as he wrote a tweet which was the lyrics of BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’ on Twitter and attached a video covering the corresponding part.

It was the part of Jimin: “When the nights get colder, and the rhythms got you falling behind”

Earlier, leader RM hashtagged Elton John in the tweet “When it all seems like it’s wrong Just sing along to @eltonofficial #PermissionToDance” on BTS’ official Twitter. In the video, he made a gesture like handing over a microphone to Elton John, and Elton John responded with Jimin‘s part like this.

As ‘Elton John’ appeared in the lyrics of ‘Permission to Dance’ in July, he posted a tweet that parodied the lyrics, “When it all seems like it’s right, I sing along to BTS’s ‘Permission to Dance’”. And now he even sang the part himself, drawing more attention.

‘Legend of Pop’ - Elton John cover BTS Jimin's part in ‘Permission to Dance’

Netizens reacted with hot responses, “Different borders, different languages, but only one music,” “The legendary did respond with Jimin’s part,” “Jimin’s voice is so catchy that Legend of Pop Elton John even fell in love,” “Is Jimin the next?

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