Lee Sun Bin publicly showed off a White Valentine gift from Lee Kwang Soo, are they about to get married?

After 3 years of dating, the couple Lee Kwang Soo – Lee Sun Bin is more and more comfortable showing their love

On March 17, actress Lee Sun Bin suddenly posted a new image on her personal Instagram.  In the photo, the actress shows off her beautiful face with bright flowers and the caption: “So happy”

However, not only praising Lee Sun Bin’s beautiful appearance, many netizens rushed to leave comments asking who gave her flowers.  Most are sure that the bouquet is a white Valentine gift from Lee Kwang Soo to Lee Sun Bin. 

In December 2018, Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin suddenly publicly dated and received enthusiastic support from fans.  Ever since the relationship went public, Lee Kwang Soo and his girlfriend, Lee Sun Bin, rarely mentioned each other in public.  But lately, the couple has more freely disclosed their feelings, making fans extremely happy.  Some netizens also thought that Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin are about to get married.

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After 3 years, “The Asian Prince” just liked his girlfriend’s photo for the first time
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She also once confided in wanting to live with “a special, tall person” like she was describing Lee Kwang Soo.  Now the couple do interviews about each other more often than before
They are still happy together after 3 years

Fans and netizens hope that the couple will get married in the near future!

Source: Instagram

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