Lee Sang-yeob x Jessi’s romance → Yoo Jae-suk x Mi-joo’s chemistry… Sixth Sense 3 ends

“Sixth Sense 3” completed its three-month laughter journey with fantastic “real” brother-sister chemistry.

In the last episode of tvN’s “Six Sense 3” (directed by Jung Chul-min and Shin Jung-min), which aired on June 17th, multi-talented entertainers Park Jin-joo and Oh My Girl Arin appeared as season 3’s last guests. The fantastic teamwork of “Sixth Sense” members shone once again.

This season, which started on March 18th, was a journey of truth in search of a fake that is more real than the real over a total of 14 times. In the last episode of season 3, restaurants competing by oil were introduced under the witty theme of catching oil in the era of high oil prices.

Sixth Sense 3

From the pork confit restaurant that sells meat cooked for 12 hours in oil to the sesame oil brunch restaurant that serves sesame oil worth 100,000 won per bottle, “Sixth Sense” members and viewers were dazzled. Amidst everyone’s confusion, the fake restaurant was the sesame oil brunch restaurant. The production team thoroughly prepared the sound of squeezing oil by recording the sound of the mill, as well as implemented a fake sesame oil brunch restaurant by airlifting high-quality sesame oil and collecting seasoning oil for ramen. In particular, the father and son, who run the mill, made everyone burst into laughter as they turned out to be police colleagues working at the Gireum Patrol Division.

The spy who marked the end of season 3 was Oh Na-ra, an “acting master” who escaped the crisis on her own by acting with a straight face. While everyone was surprised, the lucky ball lottery time, which was collected through reasoning and spy search for 14 episodes, came. In the exciting lottery time to win expensive home appliances and gift certificates, the No.2 prize (100 bottles of sesame oil) went to Code Kunst. Lee Sang-yeob received the No.1 prize (massage chair), causing laughter until the end of season 3.

Sixth Sense 3

The production team which became fake manufacturing masters through season 3, the “fake bosses” who were serious about fake acting and the “real bosses” who showed their craftsmanship with pride played an active part in the show’s success. Besides, the fantastic chemistry of “Sixth Sense” members and guests stood out.

Above all, “Sixth Sense” members’ chemistry has been upgraded. Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Sang-yeob of “Mi-joo’s oppa committee” made viewers smile with satisfaction. Aside from this, “Sixth Sense” official couple Lee Sang-yeob and Jessi‘s “heart-pounding” romance or “Sixth Sense’ girl group” Oh Na-ra, Jessi, Mi-joo received great love from viewers.

Source: Daum

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