Lee Jun Ho surprised by Yoona’s cute gesture? “King the Land” lively set

During the filming and behind-the-scenes of ongoing drama “King the Land”, Yoona brings a bright atmosphere. 

On June 28th, a video titled “First Shoot of ‘King the Land,’ Behind the Scenes in Jeju” was uploaded on Im Yoona’s official YouTube channel. In the video, Im Yoona was seen filming for her ongoing drama, “King the Land”, at a hotel in Jeju Island. 

Here, the idol-actress mentioned, “I’m at King Hotel on Jeju Island. Actually, it says it’s a hotel in Seoul in the show.” Then, when a PD complimented her appearance while wearing a uniform, Im Yoona fully immersed herself in her role, saying, “I’m Cheon Sa Rang. It’s a badge indicating (that) I’m a kind staff member.”

On the following day, Im Yoona and Lee Jun Ho prepared for shooting in the natural surroundings of Jeju. Just by standing together, their extraordinary chemistry created a visual that resembled a drama scene.

Later on, while checking her beauty in the mirror, Im Yoona hummed a tune to boost the energy of her character, Cheon Sa Rang. She also exuded cuteness by making a heart shape with her hands, accompanied by a bright smile.

yoona lee junho

Catching a glimpse of this, Lee Jun Ho asked, “What are you doing?” Then, when Im Yoona, feeling a bit awkward, replied, “I was just trying it out,” the actor smiled and asked again, “What were you doing? Did you make a heart?” 

As a result, Yoona had no choice but to explain rather unconvincingly, “I was checking how my hair looked”. After hearing her response, Lee Jun Ho calmly left the scene.

Meanwhile, the JTBC drama “King the Land”, which features Im Yoona and Lee Jun Ho, airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM (KST).

Source: Naver 

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