Lee Joon-gi reportedly cast for the leading role in “Arthdal Chronicles Season 2”

“Arthdal Chronicles” will be reborn with the participation of actor Lee Joon-gi.

An official from the entertainment industry said to Sports Chosun on April 20th, “Lee Joon-gi will play the main character in tvN’s drama ‘Arthdal Chronicles Season 2’”. Broadcast in 2019, the famous fantasy drama “Arthdal Chronicles” depicts the fateful story of heroes creating their own new myths in the ancient land called “Arth”. 

Lee Jun Ki

Although the drama received mixed responses at the beginning of its broadcast, it successfully raised the viewers’ excitement with interesting developments in the second half of the story. Therefore, the production of Season 2 has consistently been requested.

As a result, “Arthdal Chronicles”, which has announced the plan for Season 2, will be written by Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon. In addition, Kim Kwang-sik of “The Great Battle” will replace director Kim Won-seok to be in charge of directing Season 2.

“Arthdal Chronicles” was evaluated as the first work in the history of Korean dramas to deal with the pre-history period and create a worldview that no one had ever tried before. Since tens of billions of won were spent on the production of Season 1, this great-scale investment is expected to continue in Season 2.

“Arthdal Chronicles”, which will return with Season 2, will cover the story that happens more than a decade later than the timeline in Season 1. It is known that the production team has been discussing over and over again how to portray Eun-seom, who has become an adult after so many years. An official from Studio Dragon also shared, “As a result of in-depth discussions between the writer and the production team, offer to play the role of Eun-seom in Season 2 was given to actor Lee Joon-gi and he is currently reviewing it.”

song joong ki

The fact that Lee Joon-gi is an actor who would fit “Arthdal Chronicles” so well is undeniable. Thanks to his outstanding acting ability in all genres and without limitations, Lee Joon-gi has fully established himself as a “trustworthy actor” and also proved his particular strength in historical dramas, raising the viewers’ high expectations. In addition, he is also expressing in-depth emotional acting as a character who lives his second life in SBS’s ongoing drama “Again My Life”, which recorded a relatively high viewership of 8%. That’s why the production team is looking forward to the appearance confirmation from Lee Joon-gi, an actor who can guarantee high ratings. 

Lee Jun Ki

“Arthdal Chronicles 2” will be produced with an aim to broadcast in 2023.

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