Leaked plans for the end of 2020 activities of the Kpop BIG3

It is predicted that Kpop at the end of 2020 will be extremely noisy.

Recently, the Kpop music lovers community has been excited when the action plans of the Kpop BIG3 in the fourth quarter of 2020 appeared on social networks. Specifically, Hana Financial Investment finance company has made predictions about the revenue of those companies.

Accordingly, the artists of YG Entertainment will make comebacks later this year including AKMU Suhyun (October 16), Mino (releasing full album in October), Seungyoon (unknown) and TREASURE (full album released in December). Korean media confirmed that YG Entertainment artists will continuously have overlapping promotions on music stages in the coming time.

As for JYP Entertainment, most of the artists (except Stray Kids) will make their comebacks in the last 3 months of 2020. In the short term, TWICE will “return to the Kpop race” on October 26, which is expected to become extremely hot because this is still the most successful group of YG. Meanwhile, GOT7, DAY6, ITZY … are also expected to release new products but have not determined the specific time. In addition, it is likely that JYP’s new girl group (NiziU) will debut in December.

If the informations given are quite specific to YG and JPY, then SM Entertainment’s information is still unknown. 

Accordingly, fans can only know information about the projects that SM has previously confirmed, including: NCT 2020 will release 2 albums in October and November; Yuri will have a collaboration product with another member of SNSD …

It can be seen that the end of the year is an important time for those companies to push at full capacity to end a year of operation. However, the above informations are still only rumored and have not been officially confirmed yet.

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