Laugh out loud at the reactions of “flat-chested goddess” Yoona when looking at Hyori’s chest

Yoona expression when seeing Hyori opened up her coat to show off her chest is as “hot” as this epic moment.

Lee Hyori‘s Homestay is heading towards the end, and the relationship between the staff Yoona and the owner couple Hyori – Sangsoon is getting closer and more intimate after 14 episodes of the show. Therefore, in the latest episode broadcasted on May 6th, the sexy queen – Hyori did make a bold move in front of her husband and little sister Yoona: showing off her sexy chest.
Lee Hyori surprised both Yoona and audiences when showing off her chest on TV.
Immediately, this scene has become a hot topic on social media, it reached the top trend on Naver and even Dispatch media outlet didn’t miss a chance to make a headline about this epic moment. However, beside the surprise caused by the diva’s sexy body, audiences also noticed Yoona’s reactions, which were so astonished and admiring.
Right after Hyori opened up her coat, “the flat-chested goddess” Yoona’s eyes and mouth were also immediately wide-open as if that was the first time she looked at attractive chest like that. Furthermore, Yoona even fell backwards and let out some words to compliment Hyori, making the audiences laugh out loud because of her cute expression.
Not only falling backwards, but Yoona also let out some funny sound out of admiration. “Yoona ah, you must be very jealous”, a fans commented.
Fore more information, this was the scene in which Lee Hyori prepared for her photoshoot. So, after more than 1 year, finally fans can see the Kpop sexy queen’s hot body on magazines. It was just behind the scene context but Yoona was already amazed, surely when the official photos are released, she will be more astonished. Do you wonder how Yoona will react once she sees her sexy senior on the magazine?

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