Koo Jun Yeop apologizes during an interview with his wife Barbie Hsu, what is the reason? 

Koo Jun Yeop, who is also known as DJ Koo, delivered an unexpected apology.

On the 25th, a chemistry quiz video of married couple Koo Jun Yeop and Barbie Hsu was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Vogue Taiwan”. In the video, a joint interview between the two was shown.

The video shows Barbie Hsu sitting next to Koo Jun Yeop and saying, “I will try the couple quiz”. To the first question, “Who eats more?”, both pointed towards Koo Jun Yeop. 

koo jun yeop barbie hsu vogue

Barbie Hsu explained, “I only eat when I’m really hungry. He eats way more than I do”. Hearing this, Koo Jun Yeop confirmed with a smile.

Afterwards, when asked, “Who has a better personality?”, the couple once again unanimously voted for Koo Jun Yeop. 

“It’s shameless, but my husband has a really good personality”, Barbie Hsu boasted, to which Koo Jun Yeop replied, “Barbie is very nice, but I am more tolerant.”

Then, Koo Jun Yeop was pointed at again when the question “Who takes longer to prepare before going out?” popped up. At this, the male celebrity laughed and said, “It takes me a while to change clothes, but as soon as she wakes up, she gets dressed, ties her hair, puts earrings on, and puts on lipstick.”

Then, a staff member spoke up, saying, “Your wife has such natural beauty”, to which Koo Jun Yeop agreed and drew laughter by quickly apologizing. 

“She is indeed, I’m sorry”, he said. 

Source: wikitree

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