Knets discuss about ways to deal with sasaengs in light of BTS’ recent incident

For the longest time, sasaeng fans have been a serious issue that brought both idols and fans very unpleasant feelings. The most recent case of sasaeng fan happening to BTS brought heated discussion within online communities about how idols’ managers deal with this worrying problem.

To summarize BTS’ situation: There was a fan who casually grabbed Jungkook’s arm and walked side by side with him at the airport. And even after the manager had removed her from the male idol, she still continued to closely follow him.

Since a lot of entertainment companies are nowhere near strict about the policies regarding idols’ private and personal space, the only people who can protect them from those crazy fans are their managers. And as sasaeng fans are more extreme by the time, managers have no choice but be tough with this type of fans in order to protect their artists. There have been a lot of situations when managers have to hardly hit or push these fans away to make way or prevent idol from being touched. These actions are considered to be physical assault and could be receiving a lot of negative reaction.

Even though physically attacking people is wrong, people are not with sasaeng fans in this case. “Serve you right.” “I didn’t get why there were comments being furious when managers or security guards being harsh, turns out they were all sasaeng fans defending each other.” Fans feel sympathetic with the managers about this. “Thank you for protecting our kids. If they report you they will be reporting their ass too.” “They are criminals, getting hit is the most gentle thing to do this kind of trash.” “Those who commit crimes don’t deserve to be pampered.
Netizens also feel more understanding and empathize with the people who work in the entertainment business. “Idols, managers, I admire you all. How to live a life like this.” “I will not complain about my life after seeing this. I may not have fame and fortune like them, but I have privacy. You see? Loads of money cannot buy what I have here.”
fan sasaeng
In conclusion, as for now, unless companies are serious about getting rid of sasaeng, there is no humane method for managers to tackle them when attack artists.
“These are not fans. They hide behind that title to stalk idols everywhere without any fear. Stalkers are criminals. Just reveal their identities and put them to jail.”
“Some do disgusting stuff just to get idols curse at them. That is an achievement to them, and they crave for more. Gross.”
“Companies aren’t strict because a lot of these sasaeng fans are their source of income and exposure. Fansites are sasaeng. They bulk buy and spread high-resolution pictures, that is ‘supporting’ and ‘promoting’, right?”
“Just put them behind bars. My babies don’t deserve this T.T “
“I feel relieved seeing those bitches get hit. Thank you, managers, for doing your jobs.”
“The real evils are the companies. They can do things to stop this but they don’t.”

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