Kim Yu Na reveals photos of a huge flower bouquet, netizens wonder if it’s a gift from her husband Go Woo Rim

Figure skating queen Kim Yu Na smiled brightly as she received the gift of a huge rose bouquet.

On March 27th, Kim Yu Na uploaded on her Instagram account two photos of her making an elegant pose while holding a huge bouquet of 100 apricot roses. 

Wearing a black dress and diamond earrings, Kim Yu Na tied up her hair and put on light makeup to show off her pure visual. Her bright smile makes fans feel happy.

In response to Kim Yu Na’s update, fans commented, “I can’t tell which one is the flower”, “Did your husband gave you those earrings as a gift?”, “Yu Na is as beautiful as a flower”, etc.

Meanwhile, Kim Yu Na married Forestella member Go Woo Rim in October last year.

Source: Naver

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