Kim Hee-sun “I Knew I Would Marry Park Joo-young As Soon As I Saw Him”

Actress Kim Hee-sun expressed her affection for her husband.

Kim Hee-sun and Lee Eun-ji talked on the theme of “Marriage” on the latest episode of tvN’s “Watcha Up To,” which aired on May 23rd.

Host Lee Eun-ji asked Kim Hee-sun, who has been married for 18 years, “It’s better to get married, right? Would you recommend it?” Then, Kim said, “It’s still a recommendation,” and burst into laughter, “But I think this also changes year by year.”

Kim Hee-sun

Lee Eun-ji asked, “When you actually see someone, do you really think, ‘I’m going to marry that person?'”

Kim said, “Marriage seems to be different from dating. It’s hard to put it into words, but when I met this man, I thought, ‘I should marry this man.’ Now I know how it feels. I think it will come out soon.”

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