Kim Go-eun Recalls High School Memory: Popular Among Girls, Not Famous for Looks 

A recent interview video has Kim Go-eun reveals various anecdotes, from how to maintain her figure to past memories.

On May 19, an interview video featuring actress Kim Go-eun was uploaded on the YouTube channel “KnockKnock”.

In the video, Kim Go-eun answers various questions. When asked how she manages her figure and health during her management season, she humorously replied, “I am interested, but I don’t actually put it into practice.”

She further explained, “These days, I just consciously eat slowly. That way, the amount I eat significantly decreases. Recently, I had a health check-up, and there were some foods I was told not to eat, so I have been avoiding those.”

When asked about her favorite food, she revealed, “I always love pork belly. I like to grill kimchi and eat it together with a shot of soju”.

The video also showed a fresh and innocent photo of Kim Go-eun from her senior year in high school. Regarding this, the actress commented, “This photo was taken during my college entrance exams. Doesn’t it look similar to how I look now?”.

Reflecting on her school days and whether she was popular, Kim Go-eun recalled, “I was very popular among girls.” When asked about her charm, she candidly said, “I’m funny. I’m the humorous type. It’s not that I was popular because of my looks…”

The same interview also shows Kim Go-eun expressing her affection for her close friend, actress Ahn Eun-jin. In particular, Kim Go-eun said, “Eun-jin has a personality that makes her loved wherever she goes. So if I had to pick the number one friend I wouldn’t worry about in any environment, it would be Eun-jin. I believe no one could ever dislike Eun-jin.”

Finally, regarding her current interests, Kim Go-eun shared, “I’m thinking about how to spend my leisure time well. I don’t know how to spend my leisure time properly. When I see what others are doing, I feel envious and have many thoughts. At the end of the day, I start to think, ‘I didn’t do anything,’ which is starting to bother me.”

Source: Daum

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