Kim Byung Chul, “I was afraid of being recognized on the subway after ‘Doctor Cha’. My ideal type is someone like Cha Jung Sook”

Actor Kim Byung Chul answered various questions regarding his recently ended drama “Doctor Cha”.

Kim Byung Chul recently starred in JTBC’s popular drama “Doctor Cha”, which ended on June 4th, as Seo In Ho, a professor at Gusan University Hospital and the husband of the main character Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa).

In fact, Seo In Ho is a shameless man. Even when his wife falls sick and is about to be hospitalized, he ignores her and goes on a trip with his mistress Choi Seung Hee (Myung Se Bin) using a medical conference as an excuse. In addition, when his wife needs him to do a liver transplant, he hides and avoids responsibility.


Seo In Ho is a typical “bag guy” in dramas, but Kim Byung Chul turns Seo In Ho into a “weak man” with his unique comedy acting. The actor shared, “Playing Seo In Ho was somewhat burdensome to me because it was quite similar to Cha Min Hyuk that I portrayed in ‘SKY Castle’ (2018). However, I decided to join this work with the intention of expressing this type of character differently since Seo In Ho has both a wife and a mistress, and there were a lot more comedy scenes.”

Regarding Seo In Ho’s rediscovery of his wife’s charms, Kim Byung Chul explained, “Couples who have been married for a long time often feel calm towards each other. But as Jung Sook starts working, her husband In Ho once again realizes the charms of his wife that he had forgotten and gets fluttered by her.”

As for actress Uhm Jung Hwa, who plays his wife Cha Jung Sook in the drama, Kim Byung Chul gave a thumbs up and said, “I was very honored and happy to work with a leading actress in the entertainment industry”. “Doctor Cha” is actually the second time the two worked together. The last time was for the 2015 movie “Miss Wife”.

He continued, “I have always believed that Um Jung Hwa’s strength is in her ability to empathize with the characters. With each work, Um Jung Hwa always showcases astonishing empathy and acting skills, and her acting seems to have reached a certain high level. Acting alongside someone with such a high empathy ability has greatly benefited me in my own performance. I could truly see Cha Jung Sook with my eyes through her.”


Regarding actor Min Woo Hyuk, who plays his rival in romance Roy Kim in “Doctor Cha”, Kim Byung Chul laughed and shared, “I don’t feel jealous at all because of the significant difference between Min Woo Hyuk and me”, adding, “He is handsome and attractive. The character Roy Kim itself was already very cool. If it were In Ho, he would have felt very jealous.”

Kim Byung Chul, who often takes the subway, shared the story of when he was afraid of getting scolded by the public due to the bad image of Seo In Ho in “Doctor Cha”. The actor confessed, “I recently had a meeting, so I took the subway. On my way, I suddenly felt scared when thinking, ‘What if someone recognizes me?’. Normally, I would love it when others recognize me and look forward to such a situation. After playing the character In Ho this time, I got on the subway while being cautious and conscious of my surroundings.”

Contrary to Kim Byung Chul’s concerns, Seo In Ho’s popularity soared after “Doctor Cha” aired, and he was even invited to have an interview with JTBC’s “Newsroom”, which only features top stars. As the drama became famous, some people said his new nickname “Weak Man” is gradually surpassing his old one. Appearing in tvN’s 2016 drama “Goblin”, the actor impressed viewers with his performance as a traitor who has been wandering for 900 years, and gained the nickname “Destruction” because of his famous line “Look! It ends up a destruction”. In this regard, he said, “Nickname is an expression that shows viewers’ interest, so it’s up to them no matter what they call me.”


When asked if he knew about the situation where some viewers cannot differentiate him from actor Jo Woo Jin in “Goblin”, Kim Byung-chul burst into laughter and said, “There are still many people who can’t tell us apart.”

While Seo In Ho in the drama had both a wife and a mistress, Kim Byung Chul is actually single in real life. Regarding his ideal type, Kim Byung Chul shared, “I prefer bright and wise women like Jung Sook rather than someone who is wealthy like Seung Hee.” He smiled and added, “If I work hard, I can earn money by myself.”

Lastly, the actor said, “I showcased my potential for romantic comedy acting through this project. I think viewers will love to see more dramas of such a genre in the future.”

Source: Daum

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