Jennie, Irene and Mino showed their chemistry by doing the “SOLO” dance

After the love-triangle of Mino (WINNER), Jennie (BLACK PINK) and Irene (Red Velvet) showed on Music Core (Dec 1st), the trio once again makes the fans go crazy by dancing to “SOLO”which was taught by “teacher” Jennie on Inkigayo.

With so many K-pop idols active nowadays, a beautiful friendship between them is surely precious. Aside from group members’ relationship, the interaction between idols from different groups is good news to fans as well.

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Fanarts of the 2 girls

Being brother and sister from the same agency YG, Mino (WINNER) and Jennie (BLACK PINK) appearance on the same music show excites fans. There’s even Irene from Red Velvet – a group that is known to be closed with BLACK PINK. The trio had a lot of interaction on the latest stage.

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The trio’s moment on Music Core.

Instead of comparing who dances better, prettier, has a better personality, anti-fans need to look at how close they are. During a talk with Mino, Jennie immediately abandoned him and ran to Irene when she called her. This time on Inkigayo, when Jennie received the trophy for her song “SOLO”, the 3 of them has danced to the song and while Jennie is the teacher, Mino and Irene was her 2 hard-working students.

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The SOLO dance on Inkigayo.

Irene and Jennie always stick with each other to chat every time they have the chance of performing on the same show. Last time was because Irene worried that Jennie might be lonely promoting alone, and this time she does the dance cover to cheer for the younger’s 1st place.

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As a true K-pop fan, what’s more satisfying than seeing your own idols interact with each other on the stage as close as this.

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