ILLIT’s Pictorial Accused of Copying a Shopping Mall Photoshoot? 

A debut pictorial of the HYBE girl group ILLIT is facing accusations of copying a photoshoot for a shopping mall. 

On May 24, a topic titled ILLIT suspected of plagiarism from a shopping mall photoshoot” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”, attracting over 50,000 views and 600 comments. 

According to the topic, a debut pictorial of ILLIT, where the members can be seen with braided black hair and wearing uniform-like white turtlenecks and black skirts, bears strong resemblance to a shopping mall photoshoot from November 2022. 


In the later photoshoot, the models were also wearing white turtlenecks and black skirts with their hair braided, and the only difference was that they also donned belts. 

The author of the topic also mentioned that they looked in the portfolio of ILLIT’s visual director and saw no shopping mall photoshoot, so this cannot be the work of the same person. 

Below are some comments from netizens regarding this copying accusation: 

  • If this is “inspiration”, then they should have disclosed it. It’s not a referral, it’s plagiarism. 
  • The concept is copied too blatantly.. Was there no plans to change and create even a little bit?
  • The clothes are common so that alone wouldn’t be plagiarism. However, the way the photos were taken was also similar…
  • Wow HYBE was really so lazy haha. The background, the hair, the clothes, the girls, everything is the same.
  • At this point, they can be called the plagiarism idol

Source: theqoo

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