ILLIT’s label Belift Lab Sued Min Hee-jin For Obstruction Of Business & Defamation

HYBE’s label Belift Lab filed a complaint against ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin for obstruction of business and defamation

On May 22nd, ILLIT’s label Belift Lab stated, “Today (May 22nd), we filed a complaint against CEO Min Hee-jin, who is causing damage to our company and artists with her unilateral false claim, on charges of obstruction of business and defamation”.

The agency added, “Regarding the plagiarism allegation regarding our artist ILLIT claimed by Min Hee-jin, we would like to clarify that it is not true”, adding “We have submitted evidence to the judicial authorities to prove that the allegation is false. Even though it may take some time, we are determined to bring about the truth through proper legal procedures”.

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Emphasizing that plagiarism of IP (intellectual property) should be judged based on reasonable standards and procedures, not on someone’s unilateral and distorted interpretations, Belift Lab said, “We express our regret about the situation in which the efforts and achievements of our artists and employees are disparaged due to some reckless speculations and false claims”.

Lastly, the label stated, “Although the issue has nothing to do with ILLIT, the members are suffering from malicious comments, mockings and personal attacks at a serious level”, adding “We sincerely ask everyone to refrain from malicious attacks such as indiscriminate insults, malicious slander, spreading false information and defamation against the artist”.

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Recently, HYBE accused CEO Min Hee-jin of attempting to take over the management rights and breach of trust. In response, CEO Min Hee-jin countered by revealing that she raised the issue of ILLIT copying NewJeans but HYBE ended up conducting an audit on ADOR.At Min Hee-jin’s emergency press conference last month, CEO Min Hee-jin said, “I’m not slandering ILLIT. This is the problem of adults. They copied our production formula too much”. 

Since then, ILLIT members have been suffering from malicious comments and called “group that plagiarized NewJeans”. Member Wonhee was seen reporting and blocking malicious comments on a live broadcast. 

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