Identity of “Jiyoungnim 0814”, the Shaman Who Influences Min Hee-jin’s Ambitions to “Take Over the Company”

"She relied on a shaman for management decisions"

On the morning of May 17th, the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Division 50 held a public hearing for the “injunction to prohibit the exercise of voting rights” filed by ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin against HYBE. In the midst of sharp exchanges, the unfamiliar term “shaman” emerged. HYBE claims that CEO Min discussed and made management decisions with a specific shaman, which they argue is one of the reasons for her dismissal.

min hee jin

The shaman, a woman born in 1973, uses the nickname “Jiyoungnim 0814”. She is an acquaintance of CEO Min and operates a temple in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

TV Daily obtained and reconstructed text messages exchanged between CEO Min and the shaman “Jiyoungnim 0814”.

min hee jin

On March 24th, 2021, “Jiyoungnim 0814” advised CEO Min that she could acquire a company within 3 years, similar to a corporate merger. CEO Min’s conflict with HYBE surfaced publicly in April this year, aligning precisely with this timeframe.

These text messages from 3 years ago coincide with CEO Min joining HYBE as CBO in April 2021. According to the messages, CEO Min felt a desire to acquire something upon her entry—her own label by April 2024.

min hee jin

CEO Min believed she could communicate with her deceased younger sister through “Jiyoungnim 0814”. The shaman, speaking on behalf of the spirit, expressed a desire to work alongside CEO Min and even requested a job. This candidate was reportedly hired but left during the final interview stage to join another company.

“Jiyoungnim 0814” was more deeply involved in ADOR’s management than expected. She and CEO Min frequently discussed HYBE’s compensation amount, including put options. The shaman advised CEO Min to demand a higher amount than what HYBE offered.

min hee jin

CEO Min often confided her true intentions to “Jiyoungnim 0814”, revealing plans such as “taking over the company” and “taking a girl group”. The girl group mentioned in the text messages appears to be NewJeans.

While CEO Min is free to trust a shaman’s words, the involvement of a shaman’s personal opinions in management conflicts changes the narrative. Especially since that company is HYBE, home to K-pop icons.

Who is the real owner of ADOR? Is it HYBE, which holds 80% of the shares, or is it “Jiyoungnim 0814”, who seems to have a significant influence over CEO Min?

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