HyunA had an outfits accident at the university festival stage but handled it cool

There was a crazy moment when singer HyunA got exposed parts of her body during a performance at a university festival.

On May 16, HyunA performed at the festival of Keimyung University in Daegu and warmed up the atmosphere by singing her hit songs such as “BABE,” “Lip & Hip,” “Red”, “Roll Deep” “Bubble Pop!” and “How’s this?”

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On the same day, HyunA wore white training pants and a silk top in neon color. While she was singing and dancing enthusiastically to “How’s this?”, the ribbon on her top got loose and she was exposed to some of her chests. Without embarrassment, HyunA continued to sing, holding her clothes in one hand.

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Also, after the end of the festival, HyunA posted a photo of her on Instagram showing her cool reaction about the accident.

The netizens commented, “HyunA is so professional.” “HyunA’s body is the best” “She looks really pretty”…

On the other hand, HyunA and her lover E’Dawn joined the agency founded by singer Psy under exclusive contract. HyunA and E’Dawn are considered the front-runners in the “Lovestagram” trend, showing off their affection toward each other through their SNS

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