Hyuna Criticized As BBC Revealed Best Friend Goo Hara’s Heroic Act And Boyfriend Yong Joon-hyung’s Involvement In “Burning Sun”

Hyuna has been criticized for the involvement of her boyfriend Yong Joon-hyung in the "Jung Joon-young group chat room."

Earlier on May 19th, on BBC News Korea and BBC News’ YouTube channel, a video was posted with the title “K-pop scandal: Exposing the secret chat groups.”

The video re-examines the so-called scandal “Burning Sun Gate,” which turned Korea upside down in 2019. It is a shocking incident in which popular stars such as former Big Bang member Seungri, singer Jung Joon-young, and FT Island leader Choi Jong-hoon participated and committed all kinds of crimes and irregularities. Drugs, sexual violence, prosecution and police collusion, tax evasion, and assault took place at Burning Sun, a club run by Seungri. The so-called “Jung Joon-young Group Chat Room” shocked the public as it is the place where many celebrities and powerful people spread and shared illegally filmed sexual videos.

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Hyuna’s current boyfriend Yong Jun-hyung was also suspected of being in the group chat. At first, Yong denied all allegations and announced strong legal actions against rumors. In the end, it was a lie, and when all the facts were found out, Yong Jun-hyung belatedly admitted them. As a result, Yong Jun-hyung withdrew from his group HIGHLIGHT (BEAST) and suspended his activities. While returning as a solo singer in 2022, Yong Joon-hyung drew strong criticism for joking, “I didn’t belong to any “group chat room.”

This is why the public’s gaze on Yong Jun-hyung is cold, and so as on his girlfriend Hyuna. Criticism against Hyuna has grown even more as it is reported that the late KARA member Goo Ha-ra, Hyuna’s friend, played a key role by providing a decisive clue to the coverage of the “Burning Sun Scandal.” The two became close after taking part in the entertainment show “Invincible Youth” together in the past.

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