HYBE’s Boy Group &TEAM Suspected of Copying EXO’s Concepts

A topic on the Korean forum “theqoo” has pointed out various similarities between the concepts of EXO and HYBE boy group &TEAM.

On May 27, a topic titled “Two boy groups with strong similarities” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”, drawing almost 50,000 views and 600 comments within just a few hours. 

According to the topic, the concepts used by HYBE boy group &TEAM bear strong resemblances to those used by EXO, including American football outfits, tree-like choreography, and many other similar features. 

Seeing the various screenshots comparing &TEAM and EXO, many netizens seem to agree, even bringing up past plagiarism incidents of HYBE. However, some still defend &TEAM and called the accusation “far-fetched”. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Ah, of course it’s HYBE and their plagiarism again…
  • Just how long will HYBE’s obsession and passion for SM last?
  • This is really far-fetched. 
  • I wouldn’t call it plagiarism if it’s another agency, but give HYBE’s track record this is a bit suspicious
  • Does HYBE has an unrequited love for SM…
  • Wow EXO’s concept are still trendy even after ages 

Source: theqoo

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