Hummels wants to exchange uniforms with BlackPink.

German defendersaid on Twitter that he would like to give his uniform as a gift to Korean idol group Black Pink. The other candidate who has been eliminated was BTS.

Hummels recently became a popular player in ‘Uniform Exchange Manners‘ in Korea. It is known that after being defeated by Korea in the ‘2018 Russia World Cup‘, Kim Young Kwon kindly responded to the request for a uniform exchange. Kim Young Kwon appeared on MBC ‘Radio Star’ and said that Hummels was waiting in their locker room for quite a long time to exchange uniforms. The story of Hummels, who waited for Kim Young-kwon, despite the fact that he was eliminated from the World Cup by being defeated by Korea 0-2, was gathered as a topic.
Bayern Munich did not miss the fact that it was spreading in Korea. ‘FC Bayern US‘, one of Bayern’s official twitter accounts, has captured it on ‘Radio Star’ and said “Bayern’s star Hummel is popular in Korea because of the story with Kim Young-kwon, the representative of Korea’s World Cup. Kim Young-kwon said Hummels had exchanged his uniform in a positive attitude despite of the disappointed game. It is a high level of action.
Mats Hummels, BTS, blackpink
Bayern did not stop here. After Hummel’s exchanged his uniform, they asked the fans to choose who would be the best fit for the role of Hallyu stars. In the meantime, Black Pink‘s account (ygoficialblink) and BTS’s accounts (bts_bighit, BTS_twt) were tagged.
Up to this point, Bayern’s official account wants to play with Korean fans. Fans were overwhelmed with tears of sweat as they were competing for more than 350 replies, recommending Black Pink and BTS, respectively.
When the atmosphere of the Bayern’s account was burning up, the real thing appeared. Hummels’ official account (matshummels) came to the end of the fire with only one word: “Black Pink!”. Hummel’s words received over 3,000 retweets and over 350 comments in about 5 hours. It is mostly Black Pink’s member Lisa that is agreed to be Hummels’ choice.
About 8 hours later, the official accounts of the two groups have not given any responses yet. Hummels also did not give a specific stance on which of the four members of Black Pink he would offer his uniform to.

Sources: daum

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