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Hong Jin-kyung Mentions Jo Se-ho’s Networks, “BTS Members Visited His House To Drink Soju”

Hong Jin-kyung guested on KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show” broadcast on February 5th.

On the broadcast, Park Myung-soo asked, “I heard Hong Jin-kyung’s business is doing well. Is it true that its annual sales were 18 billion won?”. In response, Hong Jin-kyung said, “There’s almost no profit. Half of it was taxes. After paying employees’ salaries and the rent, there’s not much”. She added, “I like doing broadcasts more than businesses. Broadcasting is all about using my own body, there aren’t many expenses”. 

hong jin kyung

Park Myung-soo then jokingly asked, “Didn’t Hong Jin-kyung raise comedians Jo Se-ho and Nam Chang-hee?”. Hong Jin-kyung explained, “We ate, drank, and had fun together but I didn’t raise them. I’m grateful that both of them like having fun with this old sister. I don’t even have any connections with them at work.”

Park Myung-soo continued, “You’re proud of your juniors, right? What will you give Jo Se-ho as a gift when he gets married? I’m going to sing my song ‘To Fool From Fool’”. Hong Jin-kyung replied, “I haven’t received any requests yet so I’ll think about it later”.

Hong Jin-kyung then exclaimed, “Jo Se-ho knows many people. BTS members even visited Se-ho’s house and drank soju with him”. Hearing that, Park Myung-soo also bragged about his networks, saying “I can also invite BTS member Jin to my house for a drink. BLACKPINK member and actress Jisoo also said she would come to my house anytime”.

Hong Jin-kyung commented, “When Jisoo and Jin come, please tell me. I’ll visit your house with a camera”. 

Source: Daum

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