Han So-hee fails to renew advertising contract again + Suzy selected as new model

Another one of actress Han So-hee's advertisements disappeared, with singer-actress Suzy taking her place

According to Xports News on May 23rd, the used car platform Hey Dealer chose Suzy as their new model and has already completed shooting the advertisement. The ad is expected to air soon. Alongside Suzy, actress Lee Jung-eun will also serve as a model for Hey Dealer.

Han So-hee was previously the model for Hey Dealer, having been selected last year and actively promoting the brand. In March, she received positive feedback for a vlog-style advertising video.

han so hee lhp

However, after Han So-hee confirmed her relationship with actor Ryu Jun-yeol in March and publicly clashed with singer-actress Hyeri, the comment function on Hey Dealer’s advertising video was disabled.

This led to speculation that Hey Dealer decided to replace Han So-hee with Suzy due to Han So-hee’s tarnished image from the dating and breakup events. In fact, following these incidents, Han So-hee failed to renew her advertising contracts with the soju brand Chum Churum and NH Nonghyup Bank.

suzy soju

With Hey Dealer selecting Suzy as their new model, another brand has been removed from Han So-hee’s list of endorsements.

Meanwhile, Han So-hee recently attended the 77th Cannes Film Festival in France as an ambassador for Boucheron, walking the red carpet.

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