Han Ji-min “Acting as a real couple when I met Shin Ha-kyun in ‘yonder'”

Actress Han Ji-min expressed her feelings about challenging a new role in “Yonder”.

Director Lee Jun-ik, actors Shin Ha-kyun, Han Ji-min and Jung Jin-young attended the online press conference of TVING’s original series “Yonder” on the afternoon of Oct 11th.

han ji min

Han Ji-min plays the role of Jae-hyun’s dead wife Ye-hoo in “Yonder”. She explained, “In the past, most of my characters only had to express a certain emotion or motivation, but this time it was different. I acted so that viewers could follow Jae-hyun’s feelings well and let Jae-hyun’s emotions come out.”

Han Ji-min

She added, “I tried to realistically express the feelings of a couple who generally parted until Ye-hoo’s death. However, since the virtual world was a place I had never been to, it was difficult to get a sense of what kind of tone to act in it. When Ye-hoo met Jae-hyun in yonder, I originally tried to act like a real couple. Yonder was a realistic space that would have been possible 10 years from now.”

han ji min

Meanwhile, “Yonder”, which will be released on TVING on Oct 14th, is a story that happens when a man who receives a message from his dead wife is invited to “yonder”, an unknown space where he can meet her for the last time. The world created by the memory of the dead, through various groups facing “yonder” that everyone would have dreamed of at least once, asks the fundamental question of what life, death and eternal happiness are.

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